Logitech MK540 Driver and Software Download For Windows & Mac

Logitech MK540 user manual, keyboard manual, advanced wireless keyboard, driver download for windows and mac – Get the official drivers and software for free on this website. You can easily download it and we are equipped with setup instructions. This Website uses the original driver from the company so that all the drivers you download will be free from viruses and are safe to use in your device.

Logitech MK540 Driver
Logitech MK540

Dedicated typists that are looking for premium and sharp key-boards without making use of mechanical methods will certainly give the MK540 Advanced wireless combination a significant look. The attractive $ 60 Logitech bundle provides a sizable key-board total with special media tricks, programmable tricks, and touch inputting with minimal click-clicks, while the strong mouse offers smooth scrolling plus programmable motions. Our only quibble is with the minimal Mac Logitech MK540 assistance.

A single and also portable USB dongle connects the Logitech MK540 keyboard and computer mouse that is packed using a 2.4 GHz wireless RF signal. Both the keyboard and also mouse begin instantly when I connect the USB dongle to my PC, there is no demand for drivers. The key-board will drop off to sleep after a couple of mins of lack of exercise, however, reconnect immediately after the tap of a button. The three-ounce ambidextrous mouse that is bundled with the Logitech MK540 key-board provides a rubbery feeling on the side, a smooth, rough scroll wheel, as well as smooth glides, produced pleasing mouse scrolling.

Developed for Windows as well as Chrome OS systems, the MK540 keyboard and also computer mouse can, as a matter of fact, also be attached to Mac, although there is no chance to correctly map keyboard hotkeys to macOS features.


Logitech MK540 Driver & Software Download For Windows 10

Logitech Options
  • Software Version: 8.00.863
  • Last Update: 2019-09-04
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 188 MB



  • Software Version: 7.12.43
  • Last Update: 2019-03-22
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 150 MB
  • 64-bit



  • Software Version: 7.10.3
  • Last Update: 2018-12-18
  • OS: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
  • File Size: 150 MB
  • 32-bit



Firmware Update Tool
  • Software Version: 1.2.169
  • Last Update: 2019-08-20
  • OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • File Size: 14.7 MB



Logitech Options - 7.14.70
  • Software Version: 7.14.70
  • Last Update: 2019-07-01
  • OS: Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows 10
  • File Size: 151 MB



Logitech MK540 Driver & Software Download For Mac OS

Firmware Update Tool
  • Software Version: 1.0.69
  • Last Update: 2019-10-04
  • OS: macOS 10.15
  • File Size: 3.8 MB



Logitech MK540 Driver Download

Thus this article contains the Logitech MK540 driver, car install on windows and macOS. Hopefully this article useful for gamers friends who are looking for drivers Logitech G-103 or with various other series.


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